PC Shield F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions


1What is PC Shield?
PC Shield is a program that prevents Malware, SpyWare, AdWare, programs and most viruses from getting installed. It does this by blocking program files from being written to the hard drive. Why does this work? Because users don’t typically install programs after the computer is configured.
2Who needs PC Shield?
PC Shield is designed for non-technical people, who do not, or should not, routinely install software. In other words, nearly everyone except programmers and IT professionals. Just think, no more spending hours cleaning off Adware that got installed just because your daughter wanted a kitty Screensaver.
3Why did we build PC Shield?
Honestly.....we hate thugs. Plain and simple. Malware, like CryptoLocker,and other ransomware, preys on people who often don't have the computer skills to recover from it. We are computer experts so when some ugly piece of MalWare attacks us, we can deal with it. But 99% of computer users aren’t experts and are completely unprepared for attacks with Malware like CryptoLocker.
4How much does PC Shield cost?
PC-Shield is free for personal use. For non-personal use, you can use either FileSure Defend (https://www.bystorm.com) or FileSure.cloud (https://filesure.cloud). Both FileSure Defend and FileSure.cloud can do what PC-Shield does plus more.
5How do I know PC Shield is working?
There will be a small 'Shield' in the tray icon area of the Windows task bar (typically in the lower right). You will also hear a 'Slap' sound when PC Shield blocks something that COULD be undesirable.
6Is there a reason I would want to remove PC Shield?
Yes, if you regularly use a program that PC Shield prevents from working correctly, like Minecraft, for example. It is possible to pause PC Shield, but for some programs that might prove to be too distracting to deal with all the time.
7Can I install software with PC Shield running?
No. PC Shield is in place to protect you from malicious downloads, sometime these downloads will be installing without you realizing it is happening. To install software simply right click on the 'Shield' icon in the task bar and uncheck the 'Malware rule'. Install your software then right click on the PC Shield again and re-enable the 'Malware' rule.
8How is PC Shield different that a virus or malware scanner?
Virus and malware scanners use ‘Signatures’ to detect, and remove virus and malware. Some of the most destructive malware is call 'Zero Day' attacks. Zero-Day attacks as soon as they are install and often happen before a signature can be generated, so they are missed by the scanners. PC Shield will block the install from happening, in the first place.
9Can I get rid of my Anti-Virus?
For two major reasons, we do not recommend that you stop using Anti-virus:

1. PC Shield will block programs from being written, therefore any virus, malware already installed will go undetected. Signature based virus scanners will find and remove them.

2. Currently most Malware are zero-day attacks and PC Shield will block them, but non-program based viruses, like macro-viruses built into Office files won't get blocked.
10I can’t install PC Shield since I don’t have the Microsoft .Net Framework installed.
The Microsoft .Net Framework has been included since Windows Vista, If your version of Windows is before Vista, you can download it here: You want the x86 version.
11PC Shield is blocking legitimate software updates
There have been instances of Malware being disguised as legitimate software updates. That said, if you need to apply software updates, just pause PC-Shield protection and apply the needed updates.
12Why is it version 3.0? Was there a PC Shield 1.0?
PC Shield is built upon ByStorm’s file security product FileSure 3.0. We decided to sync the version numbers going forward just for sanity’s sake.
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