Stop Ransomware

Other products attempt to detect and remove Ransomware
AFTER IT'S ALREADY INSTALLED and wreaking havoc.
Good luck with that. stops it BEFORE it gets installed.

How is different?

Malware, Ransomware and Virus scanners use ‘Signatures’ to detect and remove virus and malware. Before this 'Signature' can be scanned for, it has to have been detected, analyzed, coded and distributed to your computer. (That's why the first question very Anti-Virus support person asks is: "Is your signature file up to date?"). This model works fine for many years, however today most malware is what's called 'Zero-Day', which means it attacks as soon as it hits the computer usually before a signature has been generated.'s Anti-malware rule works by preventing ALL program files getting written to the computer....Good, Bad, Wanted, Unwanted...everything!* We take the position that 99% of the time, you're NOT installing software and if you want to, pause the Anti-Malware rule, install like crazy and turn it back on.
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