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FileSure.Cloud is a comprehensive solution for IT security management of data copying and real-time file auditing. You can proactively track, audit, report, and receive alerts based on rules and policies that are already pre-defined for you. We make your auditing faster, smarter and more efficient and protect your sensitive data with an innovative solution that secures your infrastructure and your business.

Is Your Data Safe?

Stop file theft via USB drives, email, webmail or file sharing programs like Dropbox. Prevent ransomware and other malware/viruses from getting installed. Know who deleted or moved a file and ensure your data’s security. Detect suspicious user behavior in time to stop a breach.

Data Security Software Done Right

Intelligent Security For Today’s Businesses

File + User Audits

Choose the files or data that you want to audit or block with pre-defined settings for rules and policies. Stop unauthorized copies and folder moves both on servers and workstations.

Data Protection

Data loss protection and user productivity are often competing priorities. Allow access while concurrently blocking webmail attachments, USB copies and ensuring file integrity.

Security + Monitoring

Protect data from attacks and block any unauthorized changes. Ensure file integrity, monitor file changes, block malware or ransomware and much more.

Real-Time Data Monitoring

Get synchronized with your data and prevent data-loss. With FileSure.Cloud you get answers in real-time, when it matters.

Web-based Auditing Tools

Find and research user activities on-demand when you need it. Easily perform an in-depth audit of a specific user’s activities with our easy-to-use web-based auditing tools. They enable you to efficiently secure your data while still remaining productive.

User Activity Alerts & Reports

Protect data from attacks and block any unauthorized changes. Ensure file integrity, monitor file changes, block malware or ransomware and much more.

Get Protected In Minutes!

System Requirements :

> OS Support: Windows 7 or newer/Windows Server 2008 R2 X64 (fully patched) or newer.
> X86 and X64 CPUs Supported.
> Microsoft.Net Framework V4.6 and newer.

Why Choose FileSure.Cloud?

Experienced Security Specialists

ByStorm has been selling file auditing and DLP solutions to companies for over 15 years. Our Security Specialists are certified and have hands on experience in the file auditing, data loss protection, and security compliance industry.

Extensive Reporting

FileSure.Cloud provides you with comprehensive pre-defined reports to address the most common needs, including all findings with technical details, impact of the findings and recommendations for fixes. We also offer an interactive way to search the logs.

Cloud Advantage

Over time, we’ve learned the most common scenarios that businesses consistently face and designed a solution to address these scenarios while leveraging the cloud for simplified use.

Simple Solution For Small Businesses

We analyzed the data security and theft problems faced by small businesses and crafted an innovative solution to address it - saving them time and money having to figure it out themselves.

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