Small Business

  • Simple web based console
  • Rules, reports and alerts are all pre-configured
  • No 'server' installation required
  • Using common file types like Office and PDFs
  • fewer than 20 users
  • Doesn't have a dedicated IT person
  • Doesn't have an Active Directory
  • $5 per user
  • $10 per server


  • Full-featured management console
  • Everything is configurable
  • Requires a 'Server' installation
  • Over 60 pre-defined reports
  • More than 20 users
  • Has a dedicated IT person
  • Has an Active Directory
  • $3 per workstation
  • $58 per server
  • $1,300 per server
  • $67 per user

FileSure Just Makes Security Sense

Protect from attacks and block any unauthorized changes. Ensure file integrity, monitor file changes, block executables and much more.

Confirmation of Value

Some of the biggest names in the world depend on FileSure for their File Auditing & Security needs.

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