FileSure.Cloud F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

1What is FileSure.Cloud? provides file auditing, data loss prevention and anti-malware benefits. It's easier to deploy, configure and use than the robust FileSure Defend product. comes preconfigured to address about 90% of the requests we've heard over the past 15 years.
2Who needs was designed with small businesses in mind. If you have files on your computers that you need to protect from theft or at least monitor, but don't have an IT is probably what you need. We also added a few rules around CyberSecurity so if you're concerned about a ransomware attack, comes preconfigured to help.
3Why did we build
Over the years of selling FileSure and FileSure Defend, we picked up on how most people were using FileSure and where they were having problems the most. is designed to deliver those benefits and address the problems by getting rid of the on-premises server and leveraging the Cloud instead. isn't as robust as FileSure Defend but it should many people needs and budgets.
4Why can't I install software with running?
If is configure to have the anti-malware rule enabled, it prevents Malware, SpyWare, AdWare, programs and most viruses from getting installed. It does this by blocking all program files (including the one your trying to install) from being written to the hard drive. It's possible that the anti-malware rule allows you to pause it, if that is enabled, you can pause the rule via the tray icon...and install your software.
5Is the anti-malware rule blocking program updates?
The anti-malware rule will block programs from updating themselves so it's recommend that you pause the anti-malware rule and let them update. Microsoft updates are not blocked since they go thru the Update service build inside Windows.
6Can I add or change the rules, alerts or reports?
All the rules, alerts and reports in are preconfigured and can't be changed. You have the option of moving to the on-premises version of FileSure Defend where you can customize everything.
7Can run on a Mac?
No. The agent runs only on Windows.
8Can I upgrade to FileSure Defend, the on-premises version?
Yes, You will need to uninstall from each of your computers. Install FileSure Defend on your server and then manage each of those computers. FileSure Defend requires an Active Directory Domain.
9How do I uninstall can be uninstalled via the Add/Remove programs applet in the Windows Control Panel.
10How do I close my account?
FileSure.Cloud is billed based on actual usage, so all you need do is uninstall the agent from all your computers and you won't be billed any more, after the current billing cycle.
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