PC Shield blocks programs from getting installed.

Other products find malware AFTER it's already installed.
PC Shield blocks them from getting written to the computer AT ALL!

Why did we make PC-Shield?


Here's a quick true story...

A novelist got hit with the latest variant of CryptoLocker. He lost all of his writing. He went to his computer savvy son desperately hoping he could recover the lost data. Unfortunately, not everything on the disk had been backed up. Meaning significant amount of work would be lost unless the novelist paid the ransom.

When we heard this story we got angry....basically there are internet thugs stealing from folks unable to defend themselves. We couldn't just stand by and let this continue to happen. So we came up with PC Shield.

PC Shield was designed to protect people from these scumbag ransomware/malware thieves

PC Shield is really free?
Where's the catch?

Yep, it's really free for personal use.

We know that once folks see the power, elegance, and simplicity of PC Shield they will want to check out FileSure Defend or FileSure.Cloud, our much more powerful flagship products.

But we are also not too proud to accept donations of a few bucks from grateful people who appreciate what PC Shield is doing for them.

Oh, yeah...and we will never sell your personal information.

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